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Drug Addiction??????

Question by beauty mirna: drug addiction??????
what is drug addiction and how can someone get cured from it?

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Answer by Ayumi
Drug addiction…is when you get addict to drugs obviously? You need lots of help to get cured most of the time.

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Anyone Voluntarily Went to Drug Rehab?

Question by onetimeuse1234: Anyone voluntarily went to drug rehab?
Ok…I have to be quick cuz my boyfriend is abusive. I had to create a new account so that I could post this. Anyhow, I’m addicted to meth severely! Daily use, probably 10 foils a day. No exaggeration. I WANT to quit and go to rehab. I dont have a way to research this without him finding out. I want out of this life. How long do they keep you? Whats it like? Where Should I go? Can I smoke? (cigarettes). I’m from Michigan. Please if someone could do the research for me and post it, I would appreciate it very much!! I also assist in manufacturing it at my home so I don’t want the cops to find out anything before I get help and get this shit out of my life for good……..

Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Part 3


Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Part 3 – http://hisspaceonline.org/drug-addiction-treatment/: Practical Help For Addiction using Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Shown to offer Lasting He…


Inpatient Drug Rehab in NYC/5 Boroughs?

Question by jej: Inpatient drug rehab in NYC/5 boroughs?
I have a friend who is ready to check into a rehab for his drug addiction, however, he is on methadone maintenance and does not want to quit it. I was told by a rehab center in NYC that no New York state inpatient program will accept a methadone patient if they are on more than 40 milligrams, then a mental health clinician told me that is not true. Does anyone know of an inpatient program in the 5 boroughs or Westchester County NY that will allow him to be maintained on methadone? I googled but could not find much. Thanks.

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We drank for every occasion! Georgia Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center – http://hopequest.org Georgia Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center hopequest is an affordable Christian addiction treatment center. We drank for every occa…