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Looking for a Drug-Free Psych Doctor for My Son.?

Question by Dawn: Looking for a drug-free Psych doctor for my son.?
My son who is 22 has taken long-term medications for his OCD, one anti-psychotic for nearly seven years! In the last few months, his Psych. doc has had to change his SSRI medication over and over, due to side effects as well, but these seem to be causing more side effects and problems. He is either manic or can barely keep his eyes open. I am seeking a Psychiatrist who can wean my son off of all of his meds under supervision (my son’s desire as well) and treat his issues drug-free if possible. Prefer a doctor in Washington state (where we live), Oregon or Northern California. The Psych docs here (we are in a small town) in the last few days, have only wanted to sub new meds for the old, many of these drugs have long-term serious health risks. Please help us if you have any leads for us. Thank you all so very much.

Clear Heads Required for Drug Conversation

Clear heads required for drug conversation

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While most of us here in the Cayman Islands were celebrating Easter, tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of people flocked to Colorado to participate in massive “420” parties — the unofficial holiday for all things ganja-related, occurring on April …
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Increased Heroin Use Draws Attention in California

Increased heroin use draws attention in California

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It's definitely one of the top four drugs being smuggled into California." – California … Ed Hernandez, D-Covina, removes the currently required seven-day waiting period between detoxification treatments in narcotic treatment programs. (Copyright …
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Best Drug Rehab Center Find the Best Drug Rehab Center Today