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Generation Gap: College Student Says Marijuana a Gateway Drug, NH Should Not

Generation Gap: College student says marijuana a gateway drug, NH should not

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Colorado voters still support the state law that legalized recreational marijuana, but most believe it is hurting the image of the state, according to a new poll released Monday, Feb. 10, 2014. The Quinnipiac University Poll found that 51 percent of …
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Schneiderman Applauds Success of New York's Program to Prevent Prescription

Schneiderman applauds success of New York's program to prevent prescription

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Introduced in June 2011 by Schneiderman and unanimously passed by the Legislature in 2012, the I-STOP Act is a national model for other states and Congress to follow to curb prescription drug abuse, the nation's fastest-growing drug problem. I-STOP set …
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Diet Soda: Why It's Time to Kick the Can

Diet Soda: Why It's Time to Kick the Can

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Here are 6 compelling reasons to curb your diet soda addiction once and for all. It may lead to weight gain. If you think diet soda is the … When individuals choose diet soda over regular soda, they may get a false sense of virtuosity that may help …
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Councilman Looking to Cutdown on Drug Abuse in Toledo

Councilman looking to cutdown on drug abuse in Toledo

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TOLEDO — Toledo City Councilman Jack Ford and other northwest Ohio leaders introduced plans Wednesday afternoon to create a tougher enforcement on heroin and prescription drug abuse. While abuse is believed to be on the rise, there's no hard …

Christians View on Drugs?

Question by Samantha: Christians view on drugs?
I mean, ocasionally smoking pot, no major addictions, and drinking wine sometimes? Is it sinful?

Best answer:

Answer by Mira Clay
Its against the sin of Gloatmy

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Prescription Drug Abuse Part 3 – – San Diego – Judy Saalinger


Prescription Drug Abuse Part 3 – – San Diego – Judy Saalinger – Visit or call 858-453-4315 to find the help you need. Part 1 of a 3-part Audio Program focusing on MARIJUANA: Is It Addicting?, with Dr. …


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