Drug Addiction??????

Question by beauty mirna: ??????
what is drug addiction and how can someone get cured from it?

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Answer by Ayumi
Drug addiction…is when you get addict to drugs obviously? You need lots of help to get cured most of the time.

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6 Responses to Drug Addiction??????

  • Rockinrose says:

    It’s when someone feels as if they can’t cope without it.
    And people can start getting rid of thier addiction by taking less of it, and eventually leaving the drug.

  • phalor09 says:

    it’s when someone can’t stop doing drugs. there are places, ppl, will power, distractions, and drugs for that.

  • The Captain Of The Heart says:

    Detox….in a special hospital setting facility…..

  • Cynthia says:

    Drug addiction is when a person continues to use a drug beyond the point that it is fun and into the point that it is causing problems in their lives. The current school of thought is that you cannot be cured but you can find relief only through total abstinence from the drug of choice as well as any other mind altering substance. In most cases that relief goes right back into compulsive, obsessive craving the moment the drug is reintroduced back into the system of the addict. No matter how long they have abstained in between use. One very good way to get into recovery is through programs such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Here is another way to tell. Answer these questions and substitute the word drug for alcohol. Good luck.

    Take this 20 question test to help you decide whether or not you are an alcoholic.

    Answer YES or NO to the following questions.

    1. Do you lose time from work due to drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    2. Is drinking making your home life unhappy?
    YES __ NO __

    3. Do you drink because you are shy with other people?
    YES __ NO __

    4. Is your drinking affecting your reputation?
    YES __ NO __

    5. Have you ever felt remorse after drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    6. Have you ever got into financial difficulties as a result of drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    7. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    8. Does your drinking make you careless of your family’s welfare?
    YES __ NO __

    9. Has your ambition decreased since drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    10. Do you crave a drink at a definite time?
    YES __ NO __

    11. Do you want a drink the next morning?
    YES __ NO __

    12. Does drinking cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
    YES __ NO __

    13. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    14. Is drinking jeopardizing your job or business?
    YES __ NO __

    15. Do you drink to escape from worries or trouble?

    YES __ NO __

    16. Do you drink alone?
    YES __ NO __

    17. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    18. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    19. Do you drink to build up your self-confidence?
    YES __ NO __

    20. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution because of drinking?
    YES __ NO __

    What’s your score?

    If you have answered YES to any one of the questions, there is a definite warning that you may be an alcoholic.

    If you have answered YES to any two, the chances are that you are an alcoholic.

    If you answered YES to three or more, you are definitely an alcoholic.

    (The test questions are used at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, MD, in deciding whether or not a patient is an alcoholic).

  • Rosa says:

    Its when you have cravings for a certain drug all the time, like how people crave chocolate or coffee its the same as craving for drugs accept much much more intense, and you know when someones or yourself is addicted when “its the only thing that makes you happy”

    my problem was meth and even though i didnt receive special help for it, I stopped by secluding myself from all the people i knew who did it with me & even my friends. I found other things to do like found a job and worked all the time, whenever i felt depressed about it i’d just work harder…

    you have to find something you like doing to let all that anxiety out, play a sport, learn a language, go to church, go to beach, do something beneficial and healthy for yourself. It’s not easy at first but its better to stop sooner then later or you might find that its either too late or extremely difficult to live without it.

  • Lila says:

    Drug addiction is when you have taken a drug that can cause addiction for a long enough period of time that your mind and your body has to have it. You cannot abrubtly taking drugs that you are addicted to as this will cause withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely dangerous. To get off of the drug you need to do it with a doctor’s supervision you cannot do it alone. You can also check yourself into a hospital for withdrawal and rehab which helps you learn the skills you need to not become addicted again. If you are having this problem I hope that you will get help.

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