Christians View on Drugs?

Question by Samantha: Christians view on drugs?
I mean, ocasionally smoking pot, no major addictions, and drinking wine sometimes? Is it sinful?

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Answer by Mira Clay
Its against the sin of Gloatmy

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CHRISTIAN TESTIMONIES: “RUNNING FROM GOD INTO DRUG ADDICTION – BUT NOW FREE!” – Please be sensitive to the Lord regarding sharing this video with someone ELSE who could benefit from watching it, or you think might be willing to forward i…


Optometrist, ex-staffer charged in prescription drug scheme

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A York County optometrist and one of his former employees have been charged in a prescription drug abuse scheme. Dr. David Wagers was an optometrist at Apple Hill Eye Center in York when he enlisted the help of Amanda Peters to fill prescriptions for …
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Safeside experience is a real life-saver

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This is Safeside, a specially-created interactive street scene which helps teach visitors about safety in and outdoors by letting them experience the dangers first-hand. … Staff at the centre hold courses throughout the school term for children in …


Grace Unplugged is the Year's Best Christian Film

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The quality of the artistry helps drive home the film's central message: we find peace and joy when we let our will be swallowed up by God's. What's more … Drug abuse and promiscuity are mentioned in the context of those things being ungodly …
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Evidence-tampering suspected at crime lab; Florida reviews drug cases (+video)

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Elizabeth Barber is a staff writer at The Christian Science Monitor. She holds a master's … Officials did not specify a motive, but speculated that the employee could have an addiction problem or be involved in drug trafficking. … The Massachusetts …
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