HELP: Is My Kid Using Drugs?


HELP: Is my kid using drugs? – for more FREE practical advice for parents of teens. —– Josh Shipp helps adults understand teens. And teens understand themselves. He’s…



4 Responses to HELP: Is My Kid Using Drugs?

  • Jalen Brown says:

    Thank You Josh?

  • TukumiZumkiGaming says:

    There is this kid at school. He looks like he is on drugs, I am not exactly
    saying he is but he does look like he is.

  • John Doe says:

    haha okay well nobody has ever overdosed on weed but when you mix booze
    with pills you’re asking for trouble.

  • Allyson Love says:

    haha you’re right 100% high people don’t like to hang around sober
    people…. lol i had no sober friends my ending years of highschool… my
    parents didnt teach me the dangers of drugs…. tho my parents were to
    strict so what i did was keep it a secret. my parents didnt do shit to
    prevent me from not using drugs…

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