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Prescription Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Detoxing


Prescription Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Detoxing – Opiate abuse and addiction can have serious effects. As this video explains, some people have a biological predisposition to prescription painkiller addictio…


Parents Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: An Interview With Gina Hijjawi


Parents Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: An Interview with Gina Hijjawi – In this interview, Gina Hijjawi, Ph.D. shares with us key steps parents can take to prevent their teens from abusing prescription drugs. In addition to shari…


Self Abuse Hotlines if There Are Any?

Question by slevgirl123: self abuse hotlines if there are any?
Hey so i’ve been using self abuse for a few weeks now and I don’t think anything is wrong with that but I want to have a hot line where I can call when I feel like crap and am cutting my self if there is a hot line for this can you give it to me please don’t tell me to go to my school counselor because that is not an option for me. thanks in advance!

Teen Prescription Drugs!!! Opinions?

Question by ggfhg: Teen Prescription Drugs!!! opinions?
Please leave opinions and thoughts of prescription drugs. Is it really helping or hurting teens with ADHD,ADD,Anxiety ,depression, bi-polar, manic depression…ect.

Abuse of prescription drugs (addiction)
Responsibility(DR. vs. PARENT)
Advertisement of teen prescription drugs
Business…pharmaceutical company influence

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Ohio Attorney General Goes to Cincinnati Hospital, Feeling 'Much Better'

Ohio attorney general goes to Cincinnati hospital, feeling 'much better'

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One of Ohio's most publicly visible officials, DeWine has made causes of fighting human trafficking and prescription drug abuse and of cracking down on violent offenders. He convened a special grand jury last year to investigate possible other crimes …
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Will My Psychologist Tell My Parents About Past Drug Abuse?

Question by thisisnotsurreal: Will my psychologist tell my parents about past drug abuse?
I have recently decided to stop smoking marijuana. I am completely decided and have no desire to do so. I do not have it readily available, almost none of my friends do it anymore, and I do not have any way to obtain it.
I’m going to a psychologist tomorrow, and he knows my parents, though I know that is of little influence when it comes to confidentiality. My problem lies with my addictive behavior, be it a woman, pot, or anything else that makes me feel good, so basically I definitely have to tell him about my year long abuse of marijuana to explain why I found out I wanted to change.