Will My Psychologist Tell My Parents About Past Drug Abuse?

Question by thisisnotsurreal: Will my psychologist tell my parents about past drug abuse?
I have recently decided to stop smoking marijuana. I am completely decided and have no desire to do so. I do not have it readily available, almost none of my friends do it anymore, and I do not have any way to obtain it.
I’m going to a psychologist tomorrow, and he knows my parents, though I know that is of little influence when it comes to confidentiality. My problem lies with my addictive behavior, be it a woman, pot, or anything else that makes me feel good, so basically I definitely have to tell him about my year long abuse of marijuana to explain why I found out I wanted to change.

Do you think most psychologists would understand this? Or would they still tell my parents?

I am underage, turning 18 in a few days. My appointment is tomorrow however, and I have to start with the drug thing.

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Answer by Einstein’s Dog
I would still be worried about him telling your mommy because you know that you will still be living there until your in your mid twenties because you won’t be able to get a job due to your drug use. Stick to the girls because women are for adults.

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