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Substance Abuse Treatment Elderly


substance abuse treatment elderly – This is a psycho-educational addiction and mental health recovery system obtainable 24/7. It offers tools whether or not you are normally the one having diff…


Long Term/In House Drug Treatment Referals PLz!?

Question by Elizabeth: Long Term/In House Drug Treatment Referals PLz!?
I am looking for a long term in house drug treatment program for my step father. He does not have insurance and has been doing drugs for over thirty years and is broke! I have been searching for free treatment options but cant find any. I remember months ago I gave a donation to a treatment center that had people at wal-mart. It was free and it was in house and long term but I lost the brochure and dont remeber the name
Yeah the county will only pay for a two week program and my step father is way beyond two week treatments

Report on Expanding Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment in U.S. Criminal Justice System


Report on Expanding Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment in U.S. Criminal Justice System – Harold Pollack, co-director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab, talking about the opportunity to expand mental health and substance abuse treatment in th…


Lake County Moving to Ban Synthetic Marijuana

Lake County moving to ban synthetic marijuana

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Clinicians treating adolescents at Lifestream, a behavioral health and social services organization that provides inpatient and outpatient treatment, reported they had 123 clients over the past year who used synthetic marijuana. The problem is …
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Do Bloodshot Eyes = Drug Abuse?

Question by Club_qui_gon: Do bloodshot eyes = drug abuse?
I have a ‘friend’ who takes methadone for a past addiction and i noticed his eyes were bloodshot today. Would a regular dosage of methadone cause the user’s eyes to become bloodshot? Or should I be concerned that something is being abused?

Are There Free Reputable Rehab Treatment Programs?

Question by djz: Are there free reputable rehab treatment programs?
my son needs help to get off heroin…and we need to know how to help him, but money is a problem…thanku

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Answer by Coconut
If you live in the United States. Call your local United Way office. The United Way often sponsors nonprofitable rehabilitation programs in the community.