Long Term/In House Drug Treatment Referals PLz!?

Question by Elizabeth: Long Term/In House Drug Treatment Referals PLz!?
I am looking for a long term in house drug treatment program for my step father. He does not have insurance and has been doing drugs for over thirty years and is broke! I have been searching for free treatment options but cant find any. I remember months ago I gave a donation to a treatment center that had people at wal-mart. It was free and it was in house and long term but I lost the brochure and dont remeber the name
Yeah the county will only pay for a two week program and my step father is way beyond two week treatments

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Answer by Jay
Contact your County drug treatment agency.

Most treatment facilities have “county beds”. Which means a certain percentage of their beds are reserved for clients such as your step father who can’t afford to pay. The county in many instances will pay.

So contact the County in which you reside. They usually have some requirements based on the length of time he has been a resident of the county, etc. There will probably be a waiting list. So get on it.

Sometimes this is done through your County Mental Health Department. But they will refer you to the proper agency.

EDIT: I see your added note. Take the 2 weeks. Granted he needs more, but 2 weeks clean time is a start. While he is there, see if you can find him a “halfway house”, or sober living arrangement to move to when he gets out of treatment. Look for the nearest NA meetings. Does he need to be on a busline, etc. The county can probably get him bus passes to get to meetings.

Don’t despair. I personally know many addicts whose drug use exceeded 30 years who did quite well in AA and NA without residential treatment. It’s based on the level of his own desire to quit.

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