Are There Free Reputable Rehab Treatment Programs?

Question by djz: Are there free reputable rehab treatment programs?
my son needs help to get off heroin…and we need to know how to help him, but money is a problem…thanku

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Answer by Coconut
If you live in the United States. Call your local United Way office. The United Way often sponsors nonprofitable rehabilitation programs in the community.

If your son can’t get into rehab, they do offer sliding scale mental health services.

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11 Responses to Are There Free Reputable Rehab Treatment Programs?

  • JMITW says:

    many programs you pay for are poor quality….i doubt there is a free one that is any good….if he gets into the court system, they may pay for rehab….if he is a minor you can file a PINS petition–person in need of supervision.i think they have it in all states (US)

  • Lynn says:

    There were back in my day. (The late 70s.) I don’t know about today, but my sister might. She is part of NA (narcotics anonymous) on the national level and I’ve already e-mailed her to ask. It’s midnight here (she’s in my same time zone) and she works, so I probably won’t get an answer back until tomorrow. Hold on and I’ll see if I can find anything for you. I make no guarantees, but I’m trying to find out for you.

    Okay, back, with my sister’s answer –
    Free rehab? Not that I am aware. AA, NA, CA can all help but often its helpful to go through inpatient rehab to get away from people, places, things and get help from professionals and a detox. State funding is sometimes available. I’m not sure who to call for that – perhaps a local welfare office? I’d call a local rehab and ask “who can I call for state funding”?? There is always the option of going to a crisis unit in a hospital or psych hospital for immediate help. But the receipt will be in the mail. But isn’t it worth your life? I’d say so.

    (This is me again), as you can tell drug addiction is a family problem. My two older brothers and I went through it in the 70s and 80s. My younger brother went with alcohol addiction. My Dad remarried and had a couple of more kids, and now one of them (my sister) went through it too 20 years later. We did all learn one thing out of it (hopefully more than one thing, but this one is important for you to know), it really is about getting away from the lifestyle, which usually means “our friends and family who were enabling us or joining us.” For the ones of us who stopped for good, that meant staying away from those friends, which isn’t a decision an addict can make right away. That’s why it’s important for in-house rehab for a while. That’s the time when the decision is made.

    I know it cost a lot for that kind of care. If it just means the money will make things tight for a while, suck it up. If you mean you literally can’t do it, then try my sister’s suggestion. This is a life and death decision. Your son IS killing himself, so you need to do whatever you need to do to get him help NOW. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. The odds of a tomorrow shrink drastically for an addict.

    And, although heroin addiction is one of the toughest to get past, do know it is possible. I’ve seen it happen. My sister has been sober for 8 years now. One day she’ll be like me – the far side of middle-aged when no one will ever suspect that ordinary woman used to be an addict.

  • Achelios says:

    there was a residential place in FL.. it may be only for women

    but I can’t recall where it is or what the name is… and this was @ 6 years ago…. the mom got clean & managed to stay clean for about a year afterwards… the mom is currently MIA

    a friend of mine…. her mother has serious addiction problems… somehow her mom found out about this place… the mom was on SSI for mental health reasons & had been looking for a free rehab facility.. she could not find one in-state (Alabama) but was able to find this one in FL… she had to wait about a year before they had an opening & she had to provide her own transportation from Birmingham, AL to somewhere near Miami… she didn’t own a car, so she saved up money for a greyhound bus ticket

    I will call my friend & see if she remembers the name of the place

    the other point in this post….. if this woman could find this place…. then there was at least one out there… maybe you can find one as well…. but I have no idea how to go about finding one

  • sophiajaneluvsyou says:

    i hope blake has nytmares for rest ov his life for ruining this talented

  • joshkeider says:

    I think alot of these pics are a result of herion abuse not cocaine abuse

  • Jade Kentron says:

    Wow so sad

  • david180667 says:

    I agree…………

  • George Panoschi says:

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  • Samantha Craft says:

    you all are true pieces of shit. Amy was and ALWAYS will be one of THE most
    inspirational person you have EVER seen or came across. and it is so sad
    that people don’t understand her turmoils. she is a beautiful soul with a
    beautiful voice. WOW!! she was fucked up, but whom, out of all of you has
    not been, she is more talented than you could ever imagine to be. Some
    people like to get fucked up & she took it too far, so what? she is by far
    the most amazing performer of our time…..

  • Geovani Oprea says:

    Whatever the drug may be. Its all evil rulet of this dark world. Stop
    walking yr way to hell. Is not yr” . Body& . Soul& . Yr”. Eternity. Life.
    Will. Be forever. Yr”. Now& furure. Good& bad is. A spirtual warfare of
    the. Flesh. A. Curse from . God. Almighty. But the choice. Is yrs”.. Trust.
    Me. Choose life”. Only. Through . Lord. Jesus christ”. Yr”. Creator.
    Truth&. Gods”. Spirit.. Is. The only. Way. The. Lord. Jesus”. But. First
    be. In. Yr”. Equastion”. Of. Yr”. Heatt . Soul&. Mind. Repent!.

  • Samantha Craft says:

    ….and you all cannot deny! she has such a soul that is
    incomparible….sooo…DEAL! LIVE IT, LEARN IT, LOOOVE IT!!! 🙂 <3

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