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Clear Heads Required for Drug Conversation

Clear heads required for drug conversation

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While most of us here in the Cayman Islands were celebrating Easter, tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of people flocked to Colorado to participate in massive “420” parties — the unofficial holiday for all things ganja-related, occurring on April …
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Drug Addiction Treatment Center Florida (772) 337-8500


Drug addiction treatment center Florida (772) 337-8500 – Call 772-337-8500 New Life Addiction Treatment Center: Drug Rehab Center. Substance drug abuse, detox, chemical dependency, alcohol addiction help. PSL Port …


Mass Appeal – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Available at Adcare Hospital


Mass Appeal – Alcohol and drug abuse treatment available at Adcare Hospital – Last month was alcohol awareness month, but it’s always important to think about substance abuse. AdCare Hospital has committed itself to helping individuals…


Prescription Drug Abuse Types


Prescription Drug Abuse Types – http://drugrehabcenter.com Prescription Drug Abuse Types – We can help you discover the best treatment options for you – call our 24-hour Toll-Free Recovery …


Homicide Charges Likely for Colorado Mom Who Left 3-Year-Old Home Alone

Homicide Charges Likely For Colorado Mom Who Left 3-Year-Old Home Alone

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Judge James Garrecht is waiting on toxicology reports to confirm the boy's official cause of death; prescription drugs are suspected to be involved. He hopes to hit McKeon with homicide charges,. The boy's father, 22-year-old Tyler Davis, is in prison …
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The Alcohol & Drug Abuse?the American Scene and the Islamic Perspective ?

Question by smart-doctor-egypt: The Alcohol & Drug Abuse?The American Scene And The Islamic Perspective ?
In Pakistan the first known case of heroin addiction was recorded in 1980. In 1981, there were only 25 cases recorded. By 1986 there were half a million cases. Now it is estimated that there are between 1-1.5 million cases in a population of 95 million.
The rate of growth of narcotic addiction in Pakistan is higher than that of USA. In addition to heroin addicts, there are about 1 million opium and hashish users, and 300,000 tranquillizer abusers. The actual number of alcoholics is difficult to determine, since they usually don’t seek treatment. There are only 26 rehabilitation centers and 10,000 trained social workers.