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Drug Abuse Help………………………….?

Question by Shorty S: drug abuse help………………………….?
how do people start substance abuse?

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Answer by Toby
well they try it. find that it helps them feel better, so they continue to use it. soon they use it for everything, they depend on it.

Group Helping Train Parents How to Identify Signs of Teen Drug Abuse


Group helping train parents how to identify signs of teen drug abuse – One local group is fighting teen drug abuse epidemic head on, training parents how to identify everyday items most parents miss as potential red flags.


Marijuana Addiction Rehab Saint Lucie County Florida (772) 337-8500


Marijuana Addiction Rehab Saint Lucie County Florida (772) 337-8500 – Call 772-337-8500 New Life Addiction Treatment Center: Marijuana addiction rehab Port Saint Lucie Florida. Substance drug abuse, detox, chemical dependency, …


How to Overcome Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by plzhelpimaddictedtovicodin: How to overcome prescription drug addiction?
I have been addicted to prescription pain pills for almost 2 years, and my husband has no idea. My question is how do I beat my addiction without him knowing what is happening? I love him and my family and do not want to hurt them by telling them I am an addict. I know I can overcome my addiction I just need to know what kind of withdrawl symptoms I will have and how long they will last. And if there is anything else I need to know that will make the withdrawls a lot less obvious or if there is anything over the counter that will help with the withdrawl symptoms I would be forever greatful to anyone who can help me

Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: Which Programs Work?


Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: Which Programs Work? – Some opioid abuse prevention programs work, while others don’t. A large new Duke-led study sheds light on which investments pay off. Lead author Max Crowley …


What Are Some Interview Questions I Can Ask a Foundation About Over the Counter Drug Abuse With Teens?

Question by : What are some interview questions i can ask a foundation about Over The Counter Drug Abuse with teens?
i’m going to email this guy that is in charge of the foundation but i need more question to send him, i have a couple but i need more! so i can get more info to put into my news article that is Due NEXT WEEK! help**