The Alcohol & Drug Abuse?the American Scene and the Islamic Perspective ?

Question by smart-doctor-egypt: The Alcohol & Drug Abuse?The American Scene And The Islamic Perspective ?
In Pakistan the first known case of heroin addiction was recorded in 1980. In 1981, there were only 25 cases recorded. By 1986 there were half a million cases. Now it is estimated that there are between 1-1.5 million cases in a population of 95 million.
The rate of growth of narcotic addiction in Pakistan is higher than that of USA. In addition to heroin addicts, there are about 1 million opium and hashish users, and 300,000 tranquillizer abusers. The actual number of alcoholics is difficult to determine, since they usually don’t seek treatment. There are only 26 rehabilitation centers and 10,000 trained social workers.

By comparison, in the USA with a population of 220 million, there are 15 milllion alcoholics, 2 million heroin addicts, 5.5 million cocaine users, 6 million tranquilizer abusers and 18 million regularly use marijuana. There are 700 treatment centers. There are 10,000 kids (children born to cocaine mothers).

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There are 300 million people in the USA. I think the numbers for the addictions in America are a bit high except for marijuana and alcohol – I’d say roughly 30% less? Obviously, with so much herion coming out of Afganistan, proximity leads to use. Drug cultivation is almost impossible to stop once it’s started because of the money involved
That said I don’t really care if people use soft drugs like alcohol and marijuana. They’re really only hurting themselves. Besides, maybe if the mullas smoked a joint every in a while they wouldn’t be frothing at the mouth all the time. Herion though – really bad news. It kills the user right quick and often ruins the people’s lives who cared for them. But the answer isn’t to crawl back into Islam. The real world problems of the 21st century should not – CAN’T – be fixed with canes and scimitars. Welcome to modernity; like a rollercoaster it’s thrilling and a little scary.

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