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Clear Heads Required for Drug Conversation

Clear heads required for drug conversation

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While most of us here in the Cayman Islands were celebrating Easter, tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of people flocked to Colorado to participate in massive “420” parties — the unofficial holiday for all things ganja-related, occurring on April …
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Are There Any Free Alcohol and Drug Rehabs for Teens in New Jersey?

Question by satavia83: are there any free alcohol and drug rehabs for teens in New Jersey?

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Answer by Jordan
*Database list of Free Rehabs*


Sunrise House/Halfway House
47 Main Street
Franklin, NJ 7416
Phone: (973) 827-5489


Drink That's Like Alcohol, but Without Hangovers or Addiction Invented

Drink that's like alcohol, but without hangovers or addiction invented

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The professor, who fired from his post as the Government's chief drugs advisor in 2009 for saying cannabis, ecstasy and LSD are less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, envisages a two part-process. Revellers will first take a drink that produces the …
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US Counter-Drug Mission Plane Crashes in Colombia Leaving 4 Dead, 2 Injured

US Counter-Drug Mission Plane Crashes In Colombia Leaving 4 Dead, 2 Injured

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… answer</a>. Incidentally, a younger Obama <a href="http://www.wusa9.com/news/article/229756/82/We-Need-To-Decriminalize-Our-Marijuana-Laws—-Barack-Obama">supported marijuana decriminalization and a rethinking of the drug war</a>. …. members of …
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Back to School: Better Grades Don't Require Prescription Drug Abuse

Back to School: Better grades don't require prescription drug abuse

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LOS ALTOS, CA, September 9, 2013 – It used to be all you needed to do well on your high school calculus test was a disciplined study plan, a good night's sleep, and a hearty breakfast. Nowadays you might need to add a dose or two of Adderall or Ritalin …
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Small Victory

Small victory

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To get an idea of the magnitude of Springfield's drug problem, ask the head of the SPD narcotics unit, Sgt. Ron Vose. When he assembles all of the drug-related tips … But perhaps the clearest indication is the series of charts that line the wall of …
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