Drink That's Like Alcohol, but Without Hangovers or Addiction Invented

Drink that's like alcohol, but without hangovers or addiction invented

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The professor, who fired from his post as the Government's chief drugs advisor in 2009 for saying cannabis, ecstasy and LSD are less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, envisages a two part-process. Revellers will first take a drink that produces the …
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Nichols speaks to Kiwanis on drug abuse program

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But rather than wallowing through what she calls a “pretty tragic experience” for her family, Nichols is in the process of starting a nonprofit called the Nichols Center aimed at supporting families affected by substance abuse and addiction. Nichols …
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High Rates of Marijuana Use Among Teens

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BUFFALO, NY — Illicit drug use among teenagers has continued at high rates largely due to the popularity of marijuana. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found in 2012 that 17 percent of 10th graders and about 23 percent of 12th graders polled had …
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