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Woman's Death Linked to Alternative Cancer Treatment

Woman's Death Linked to Alternative Cancer Treatment

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A Colorado woman died after using cesium chloride supplements as an alternative treatment for breast cancer, a new case study reports. The 61-year-old woman had been … Cesium chloride is an alternative treatment that "supposedly increases the pH …

Ok So I Have a Score of 85 on My Asvab. I’m a 21 Year Old Guy From Denver, Colorado. I Enjoy Working in Any Fi?

Question by DAlanzo: Ok so I have a score of 85 on my asvab. I’m a 21 year old guy from Denver, Colorado. I enjoy working in any fi?
field that requires both technical and hands-on work. When I went to meps my recruiter handed me only one job which was EN(enginemen) and said that “not everyone can get this job). I read the description and thought it sounded kind of cool. I did want to work on planes but meps concluded that I was color blind and ruled that out. A couple of days ago I spoke to a friend that I’ve known for a long time whom is actually in the navy(2yrs so far). She is a MM(Machinist Mate) and has told me she hates her job and that mine is similar. She is giving me all this advice and claims that my recruiter is “a piece of shit” and that I’m too smart to slave on that type of job in the Navy. I value her opinion yet I’m not sure if it would be a different experience for me. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but also I like to be acknowledged and rewarded for my triumphs. Can anyone assist me in finding other jobs in the navy that I may be interested in? OH yea, I looked on the board in my recruiting office on which Im one of only several BLACK PEOPLE. I’ve notice that not one single peron has my job and almost every other person is either in Avionics or Cryptology. Am I being played??? I would really appreciate an honest answer and some advice. Also I didn’t complain while at meps because I had to get several waivers signed off from things such as speeding violations and one petty drug possession charge. But what did bother me is that my recruiter kept saying that I’d get a “choice” of jobs before I got to meps. When I actually got to Meps, he only gave me one choice.

Several Bills Stall as Legislature Done Voting Until January

Several Bills Stall as Legislature Done Voting Until January

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It's modeled on a Colorado program. The fund would receive … Bills requiring every public school in Michigan to have special injectors to treat allergic reactions are going to Gov. … Other bills approved Thursday by the House clarify that patients …
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Why Help Obmacare Survive? Redford; and More

Why help Obmacare survive? Redford; and more

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Drug abuse and sexual assault should not be tolerated within the military establishment, period. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that, allegedly, the Air Force has created a network of spies at its service academy in an attempt to root out the …
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Are There Grandparents Rights in Colorado?

Question by countrygirl: Are there Grandparents rights in Colorado?
Our daughter recently married a guy from Colorado and she is pregnant and he doesn’t want any of us around her or the baby so I was wondering are there Grandparents rights in Colorado so we can see our new grandchild and also he claims he would move her and the baby so we can’t find them and also him and his family is involved with drugs and he is a mental abuser too so we are afraid for her and the baby and all of her family lives in AR so please we need some information and help about this matter.

Patrick Kennedy Heads Up Group Fighting to Stop Marijuana Legalization in Mass.

Patrick Kennedy heads up group fighting to stop marijuana legalization in Mass.

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Six years ago he admitted that he had an addiction to prescription medication and admitted himself into a drug-rehabilitation facility at the Mayo Clinic where he has sought treatment for prior addictions. Mr. Kennedy claims, "We can not promote a …
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