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Winning Marijuana Team Limits Its Role

Winning marijuana team limits its role

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A former top US drug enforcement agent headed security. And the president of a well-known Cape Cod substance abuse treatment center would direct the new company's addiction prevention services. “They did put together a very credible team,” said Police …
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Drug Court Graduate Sits on Marijuana Forum Panel

Drug Court Graduate Sits On Marijuana Forum Panel

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But a few years later and a complete 180 degrees from the path he was on has brought him to the other side of drug addiction; providing education on how his drug addiction began with smoking a little weed. … Patrick Pennell, a certified drug and …

Can You Really O.D. on Pot?

Can You Really O.D. on Pot?

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This one seems real to, not like the early January hoax that “reported” 37 deaths from marijuana in Colorado soon after the law decriminalizing the drug in that state went into effect. Gemma Moss, a 31-year-old … Like many drugs, marijuana might …
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Two Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses in WMass

Two medical marijuana dispensary licenses in WMass

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Patients should remember that marijuana lacks the rigorous testing of drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration; that claims for its effectiveness have not been scientifically proven; and, that it poses health risks of toxins and cognitive …
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Voters May Get to Weigh in on Ag Animal Issues

Voters may get to weigh in on ag animal issues

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Sonnenberg has filed several bills this year that he told The Colorado Statesman would mitigate some of the damage done in the 2013 session. In addition to the … Will Coggin at the Center for Consumer Freedom in Washington, D.C. told The Statesman …
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Marijuana: Legalizing Another Mind-Altering Substance a Mistake

Marijuana: Legalizing another mind-altering substance a mistake

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More alarming, the number who perceive great risk from regular use has been plummeting, from 58 percent to 40 percent among 12th-graders, according to a study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. And for those who trumpet tight controls on …
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