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Clear Heads Required for Drug Conversation

Clear heads required for drug conversation

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While most of us here in the Cayman Islands were celebrating Easter, tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of people flocked to Colorado to participate in massive “420” parties — the unofficial holiday for all things ganja-related, occurring on April …
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USA's Costly Crime Crackdown Era Ending

USA's costly crime crackdown era ending

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"There is something really profound going on,'' said David Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "There is movement on mandatory minimums (sentencing), … The decline has been …
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Drug Education Getting Tougher in Nassau County After Budget Cuts

Drug education getting tougher in Nassau County after budget cuts

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On top of that, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and possible legalization of medical marijuana in New York have popularized the notion that the drug is now safe, when it is not, experts say. Government and … Nonprofit, social-service …

What Is This State Agency Smoking, at $3.7 Million a Year?

What is this state agency smoking, at .7 million a year?

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“DENVER—The State of Colorado today lauched (sic) a new website to answer common questions about the legalization of adult-use of retail marijuana and the health impacts related to marijuana use. The website – – includes …
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Bill Legalizing Pot Would Overturn 'archaic' Law, Raise Cash, NJ Senator Says

Bill legalizing pot would overturn 'archaic' law, raise cash, NJ senator says

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"It's time to update our archaic drug laws and get real about the detrimental effects they are having on the lives of residents here in New Jersey," Scutari told reporters at the Statehouse in Trenton. The bill (S1896) outlines a "strictly regulated …
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Stop Drug Use

Stop drug use

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Drugs lead people on our own streets to injuries or death. Why are any politicians, such as those in Colorado, legalizing marijuana for recreational use? It's to bring in more money for … If we want to avoid the social harm of drug abuse, gangs …
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