What Is This State Agency Smoking, at $3.7 Million a Year?

What is this state agency smoking, at .7 million a year?

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“DENVER—The State of Colorado today lauched (sic) a new website to answer common questions about the legalization of adult-use of retail marijuana and the health impacts related to marijuana use. The website – www.colorado.gov/marijuana – includes …
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NJ Senator Wants To Legalize Marijuana, Use Tax To Pay For Roads

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The motivation, Scutari said, is the amount of tax dollars Colorado has projected it will generate after recreational marijuana was legalized in that state this year. The projection totals over $ 100 million. The New Jersey bill calls … Scutari also …
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Alda store robber sentenced to jail

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Christen's attorney, Jerry Fogarty, said his client didn't have any prior adult convictions and has recognized that he has a "long-standing drug and alcohol problem." Fogarty asked Luther to sentence Christen to probation so he could continue with the …
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