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Anyone Voluntarily Went to Drug Rehab?

Question by onetimeuse1234: Anyone voluntarily went to drug rehab?
Ok…I have to be quick cuz my boyfriend is abusive. I had to create a new account so that I could post this. Anyhow, I’m addicted to meth severely! Daily use, probably 10 foils a day. No exaggeration. I WANT to quit and go to rehab. I dont have a way to research this without him finding out. I want out of this life. How long do they keep you? Whats it like? Where Should I go? Can I smoke? (cigarettes). I’m from Michigan. Please if someone could do the research for me and post it, I would appreciate it very much!! I also assist in manufacturing it at my home so I don’t want the cops to find out anything before I get help and get this shit out of my life for good……..

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Florida (772) 337-8500


Drug addiction treatment center Florida (772) 337-8500 – Call 772-337-8500 New Life Addiction Treatment Center: Drug Rehab Center. Substance drug abuse, detox, chemical dependency, alcohol addiction help. PSL Port …


Stark County Jail Is Holding More Mentally Ill

Stark County Jail is holding more mentally ill

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… wait for state hospital beds. According to a Treatment Advocacy Center report released this month, there are now 10 times more mentally ill people in jail nationwide than in state hospitals. … Arnold said he has watched the number of mentally ill …
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Solutions Recovery Offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Solutions Recovery Offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Solutions Recovery offers holistic Intensive Outpatient rehab treatment in Las Vegas for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol dependencies. If you or…


Drug Rehab – Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center


Drug Rehab – Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center – World Class Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers. 24 Hour Free Helpline 1-866-569-7073.


Can Someone Please Help My Food Addiction?

Question by : Can someone please help my food addiction?
Hi I’m 5 foot 3 inches and and 10 stone 12 pounds.
I seriously think i have a food addiction.
Some days i can be so motivated, having a good workout, eating healthy foods….. but then i get days like today- i start off with the gym and salads but finish with anything i can get my hands on.
i would like a diet plan or something as i don’t really know whats that good for you.
i’m looking to do this healthily but i have an event in 5 weeks and at the moment i will probably be the fattest on there… i’m looking to lose two stone altogether.