Can Someone Please Help My Food Addiction?

Question by : Can someone please help my food addiction?
Hi I’m 5 foot 3 inches and and 10 stone 12 pounds.
I seriously think i have a food addiction.
Some days i can be so motivated, having a good workout, eating healthy foods….. but then i get days like today- i start off with the gym and salads but finish with anything i can get my hands on.
i would like a diet plan or something as i don’t really know whats that good for you.
i’m looking to do this healthily but i have an event in 5 weeks and at the moment i will probably be the fattest on there… i’m looking to lose two stone altogether.

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Answer by Addiction Medicine Specialist
Food addiction is characterized by compulsive and excessive eating, abnormal intake of food and sometimes crazy cravings. Like other addictions, food addiction is a pathological disorder that can be very harmful to the person suffering from it. Additionally, the person with the food addiction may continue with their habits, even though they know they are harmful. Some signs of food addiction include, but aren’t limited to:

Eating when you are not hungry or when you feel depressed
Obsession or preoccupation with food
Lack of control when it comes to food
Eating in secret
Consuming large amounts of food and then purging (forcing yourself to vomit or using laxatives)
Eating harmful foods (extremely spicy foods, foods you are allergic to, etc.) or items that aren’t meant to be eaten at all (chalk, paper)
Feeling guilty after eating

Food addiction can also lead to some actual physical symptoms, which include (but aren’t limited to):

Weight changes

Treatment for those with food addiction can be similar to those with a drug or alcohol addiction. It can include counseling, group therapy and even 12-step programs. Additionally, it may include regular doctor’s visits to monitor weight and health, and working with a nutritionist.

If you think you or someone you know may be suffering with food addiction or with an eating disorder contact a local counselor. Please seek help. Best of luck!

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