Medical-Addiction Question?

Question by Brett H: Medical-addiction Question?
Hey, I’m 26 and have been reliant upon opiates since I was 18. Finally, at 23 and after months of fatigue/sickness, countless attempts at anti-depressants, treatment centers, counseling, and psychiatrists, I began methadone at the Southern Indiana Treatment Center. At first I felt much better, but rather than decrease the dose my levels were increased to “find me a stable dose where I feel semi-normal.”. Needless to say I am now on 110 mg of methadone once daily. I still feel crappy half the time and have started realizing that my body, with the way it metabolizes medicine so quickly, may never be OK without it. The peak-and-trough blood serum test suggests my body needs 140. Should I accept the fact that my body will always need opiates? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Answer by Emily M
It is controversial and not approved for use in the US, but some people have been successfully treated for opiate addiction with ibogaine (a hallucinogen). Basically one has one “bad trip” under medical supervision with psychological counseling afterward and one’s opiate addiction is likely to be gone for good. I can’t currently recommend it because it is not approved in the US and is very expensive and the bad trips are said to be horrible, but I thought you should at least know that a cure for opiate addiction does exist. In the meantime, have you tried Narcotics Anonymous?

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