Has Anyone Heard of Any New Therapies or Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis?

Question by d_eic: Has anyone heard of any new therapies or treatments for Multiple Sclerosis?

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Answer by Suzi
I have had RRMS for 6 years now, and the only thing that is really promising news is a treatment that is being developed by Oregon State Sciences Hospital in Portland, Oregon. This drug is in the testing stage. News is; that it is eliminating symptoms of MS. The drug is called RTL 1000. The very first participant received treatment last fall. It has been on the news here, but I live in Oregon. The study is taking place not only in Oregon but other university hospitals as well. Look this one up. I called them & signed up for the study & expect to hear from them in the spring.www.ohsu/edu

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2 Responses to Has Anyone Heard of Any New Therapies or Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis?

  • pcheesewhiz says:

    You can read all about new therapies and drug trials either on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society web site (NMSS.ORG) or just google new therapies for multiple sclerosis. A ton of them will come up. I also recommend going to the website on ldn (Low Dose Naltrexone which is LDN.ORG) There have been numerous conferences on this drug at the National Institute of Health. Check it out. This drug gave me my life back.

  • r j says:

    Hello..Here is a link to the “latest news” on the MS society web site..There are sooooo many exciting things going on..So many new drugs to slow progression and help symptoms have been developed in12 or so years that I have had MS. I see lots of hope for the newly diagnosed..Good Luck

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