Who Has the Best Story of Overcoming Drug Addiction?

Question by Calvin M: who has the best story of overcoming drug addiction?
what your story? I have a good one. read it if i pick your answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Broken & Beautiful
Joseph Rojas (from Seventh Day Slumber) has an incredible story.

[Part of an interview:]
“I used to be a drug addict,” he says, with unflinching bluntness. “I’ll be real honest with you. I had a $ 400 a day cocaine addiction. I remember being 13 years old and thinking about taking a gun and putting it to my head and pulling the trigger. My father left me at the age of three. My only memories of my father were him beating my mother bloody. I’d never learned how to throw a football, I was the fat kid growing up, I didn’t have any fishing trip stories with my dad because I didn’t have a dad. I wanted to get picked. I was the guy who was passed up for every team at school. I was never picked. I’d go home and I’d cry my eyes out and I just wanted to end my life.”

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