What Will Feed My Wow Addiction ?

Question by : What will feed my wow addiction ?
Been playing wow for about 4 years now, & I’ve had enough of it, what other games are even close to being as good? I have a ps3 too, so I’ve ordered dc universe for now & star wars the old republic is on pre order, but what for now?

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Answer by BeachBoi.Alex
Have you ever played ‘Life’?

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  • Canadian Bacon says:

    Guild Wars is better.

    Guild Wars 2, when it is released, will be better than Guild Wars 1 is.

  • Matthew Black says:


  • James K says:

    Well it depends if you wanna eventually stop playing games altogether or are just looking for a substitute. If u wanna stop a good free game is Allods Online, it is alright at first but after a while you will wanna stop playing it 😀

  • Gash says:

    I was playing wow for about 5years and just quit and haven’t thought about playing it since…… I was a addict played atleast 8hours a day…. When I became unemployed for a few month I played from morning till night….. :-/ I know a geek haha…… But what I have done is bought a xbox 360 s…. I have a ps3 but it proper lacks on online. XBL is great compared to psn…. Buy COD. And that will take ya mind off it…. As long as u have friends playing…. The beauty is u only need to play for a few games and they don’t take long…… But we both know when cataclysm comes out…… We will Jump straight bk on wow haha. Good luck

  • McLovin says:

    Cod 6 on PS3!!!!

  • factordog says:


    Guild Wars
    Dragon Age
    Sacred 2 or something those are pretty good

    or Call of Duty MW2
    Battlefield Bad company 2

    all are good games

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