What Can I Do as a Grandmother That Has Been in My Grand Daughter Life From the First Day She Was Born?

Question by Leeanna: What can I do as a Grandmother that has been in my grand daughter life from the first day she was born?
Her dad cut everyone out of her life,that’s on my side of the family. Dad and mom never married. Dad has temporary custody. My daughter will not take him back to court, due to her past drug problems. In the past my granddaughter was living with us, as well as my daughter, her dad would let her travel with us etc etc. But this year 2012, dad has made false statements about me, we moved to a different state in 2008. I confronted him, he did not like what I said, so since early this year dad told my grand daughter, which is 11yrs old not to talk to us or her half sisters,her mom did get him to agree to letting her speak with her sisters. Up until 2 months ago his wife stood over her and monitors every phone call from my daughters family side. Both dad and his wife are control freaks. Dad lets his wife talk to us like she is her mom, and takes her side whether she’s right or wrong. One day her 2nd older sister, who has lived with us since both of them were younger, his wife told her not to say a certain word, because it was inappropriate. Again dad agreed with wife. On another occasion I took the phone from her sister and said hello to my grand daughter , his wife heard me say hello and said excuse me, you are not allowed to speak to her and hung up in my face. I text her back and told her off, they see our phone number and will not answer. Christmas day he did let her speak with us, but, again monitors every word she said. She told, her older sister that she misses me. She is very unhappy. She is, the only child in the house hold with three Adults. One is his wife son. Dad does not work wife take care of him and my grand daughter. She is in therapy and her dad has told my daughter that the only way he would let her spent a week, with her is if she signs, a statement saying, she will not let her daughter see us, if we came down to CA. I have tried many time’s (STILL TRYING) to get the right forms for Grandparents visitation , but California county clerks don’t seem to have a clue. If anyone has any subjects I would appreciate it. I will never give up on my grand daughter, like my daughter has. So sad. Thank You, All.

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Answer by PrettyGirl
your daughters past drug problems affect a lot the situation but doesnt mean she is not aloud to see her daughter or her daughter cannot relate with her mothers family side. your daughter needs to stop drug use definitively with the help of an institute for those kinds of problems so she have evidence from a social worker or counseler at the facility, get a job, home, and stable life so the court can consider her effort, and the word of professionals. That is child abuse what her dad is doing.

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