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W.Va. Mock Senior Legislature Calls for Legalized Pot

W.Va. Mock Senior Legislature Calls for Legalized Pot

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It also notes that voters in Colorado and Washington state approved legalizing marijuana for all adults 21 years and older in 2012. "I was pleased with what we did," George Moore, the Silver-Haired House of Delegates speaker, told the … They applied …
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Police: Officer Impostor Confronts Real Detective

Police: officer impostor confronts real detective

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(AP) — Authorities in Colorado say a police impersonator picked the wrong man when he approached an undercover detective and demanded he hand over drugs as part of a police drug bust. According to the Pueblo Chieftain (http://tinyurl.com/mco28wk), the …
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Are There Suicide Hospitals/treatment Centers?

Question by Xtina_fan: Are there suicide hospitals/treatment centers?
My friend is suicidal and wants help and is wondering if there is any place she can go, kinda like rehab but for suicide instead of drugs and alcohol. She lives in Washington State so something local would be best but anything would be good.

AP News in Brief at 5:58 Am EDT

AP News in Brief at 5:58 am EDT

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He advocated the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs including LSD and psychedelic mushrooms. Allen Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Jack Kerouac, Aldous Huxley and other noted figures frequently visited Millbrook Estate in upstate New York where Leary …
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Time to Decriminalize Marijuana?

Time to decriminalize marijuana?

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Pot is expected to be sold commercially in Colorado and Washington state early next year. Drug abuse prevention advocates called the Justice Department's decision not to block state pot laws a mistake, saying they won't be able to measure the damage of …
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What's the Future of Drug Policy? an Interview With America's 'Drug Czar'

What's the future of drug policy? An interview with America's 'Drug Czar'

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Our comprehensive approach to the prescription drug abuse epidemic is resulting in the first decline in the number of Americans abusing prescription drugs in a decade. Cocaine and meth use are also plummeting. The implementation of the Affordable Care …
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