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Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Part 3


Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Part 3 – Practical Help For Addiction using Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Shown to offer Lasting He…


Inpatient Drug Rehab in NYC/5 Boroughs?

Question by jej: Inpatient drug rehab in NYC/5 boroughs?
I have a friend who is ready to check into a rehab for his drug addiction, however, he is on methadone maintenance and does not want to quit it. I was told by a rehab center in NYC that no New York state inpatient program will accept a methadone patient if they are on more than 40 milligrams, then a mental health clinician told me that is not true. Does anyone know of an inpatient program in the 5 boroughs or Westchester County NY that will allow him to be maintained on methadone? I googled but could not find much. Thanks.

Increased Heroin Use Draws Attention in California

Increased heroin use draws attention in California

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It's definitely one of the top four drugs being smuggled into California." – California … Ed Hernandez, D-Covina, removes the currently required seven-day waiting period between detoxification treatments in narcotic treatment programs. (Copyright …
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Does Anyone Know of Any Free Drug/alcohol Rehabs in So Cal?

Question by Skull Boy: Does anyone know of any free drug/alcohol rehabs in So Cal?
I have a nephew that has a really bad alcohol and speed addiction. He’s been in the emergency room several times over the past two years and almost died the last time. He needs to go a rehab center, but the family can’t afford it. Does anyone know of any free rehab centers in So Cal? He lives in Victorville CA, but will travel if needed. It needs to be a place where he can stay. Out patient won’t work for him I’m afraid.

What Is Drug Rehab…..?

Question by : What is drug rehab…..?

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It’s a place where people go who have a dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol,prescription drugs,and street drugs such as cocaine,heroin,amphetamines,to get clean or break their dependency on these drugs
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Drug Rehab Treatment?

Question by booyah-baby: Drug rehab treatment?
Does anyone know how much it costs for drug treatment programs?

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