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Self Help to Stop Gambling: Solutions to Stop Gambling Now


Self Help To Stop Gambling: Solutions To Stop Gambling Now – There are solutions for compulsive gambling. Find compulsive gambling solutions now, and do not let gambling destroy your life.There is gambling addiction help and solutions for problem gambling. Stop gambling, and life gets better.

Dealing With Addiction – Part I


Dealing with Addiction – Part I – Dealing with Addiction is a look into the complex world of cross-addiction, featuring the presence of problem gambling intermingled with substance abuse, and mental health issues. 30-50% of problem gamblers in treatment or support groups are substance abusers. This 15-minute video features recovering persons and clinicians in the field and is a joint effort of the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) and the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (FADAA). For more information, visit or call 888-ADMIT-IT.

Casino: Good, Bad and Indifferent

Casino: Good, bad and indifferent

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Of the 2,000 people that called the Connex Ontario Helpline in 2010, 65.4 per cent reported problem gambling associated with slot machines and 60 per cent of slot machine revenue is derived from problem gamblers: CAMH. $ 53-million spent on responsible …
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Is the Liberal Media Protecting Al Gores Son, if He Was the Son of a Republican It Would Be on TV Everyday?

Question by mission_viejo_california: Is the liberal media protecting Al Gores son, if he was the son of a Republican it would be on TV everyday?
Al Gore III faces felony drug charges
Former vice president has little to say today about son’s arrest.
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Problem Gamblers Get More Options but Little Help

Problem gamblers get more options but little help

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This fiscal year, Franklin said, plans are for the Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration, or ADAA, to dedicate $ 300,000 to $ 400,000 to treatment. Only $ 96,000 was dedicated to problem gambling last year, around $ 76,000 to the state's …

Gadi Schwartz Shares His Thoughts About Reporting on a Mom Who Used Meth

Gadi Schwartz shares his thoughts about reporting on a mom who used meth

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New Mexico law requires that anyone who suspects child abuse must report it. I began by calling CYFD's child abuse hotline, where a woman asked me some questions about what I had seen and told me they would get right on it. After reporting the case to …