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Increased Heroin Use Draws Attention in California

Increased heroin use draws attention in California

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It's definitely one of the top four drugs being smuggled into California." – California … Ed Hernandez, D-Covina, removes the currently required seven-day waiting period between detoxification treatments in narcotic treatment programs. (Copyright …
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Drug Rehab Treatment?

Question by booyah-baby: Drug rehab treatment?
Does anyone know how much it costs for drug treatment programs?

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Drug Abuse Problem 15?

Question by power ball: Drug abuse problem 15?
Your Open Question: Today I relieved that I have a addiction for pain killers what should I do?

What Are the Different Kinds of Drug Treatment Programs?

Question by dolores df: What are the different kinds of drug treatment programs?
I would just like to know what they’re called. Just out of curiosity, that is.

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Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers


Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers – Gateway Treatment Centers are located throughout Illinois and the St. Louis Metro East area. Our Outpatient and Residential Drug Treatment Programs offer per…


Where Can I Find Drug Treatment Programs?

Question by cassie s: Where can I find drug treatment programs?
I have a friend who is addicted to drugs. And I would like to help him clean his act. We’ve been friends since college but after getting fired from his work, he turned to drugs. I’ve been telling him to stop but he keeps telling me that he will eventually. I would like to help him seek professional help before he gets worse. I am scared that he would get AIDS out of sharing needles with his ‘drug friends’. Can anyone tell me where I can get him drug treatment programs?