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Police: Man Robs Woman With Knife, Steals Phone

Police: Man robs woman with knife, steals phone

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I can thank my mom for this addiction. It is born out of fabulous childhood memories! As the … Brooks is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana. Anyone with additional information concerning …
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What Is Suboxone For?

Question by Tyler: what is Suboxone for?
I need to know what the uses for Suboxone are. Are they only used for recovering opiate addicts?

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Answer by Mathieu
According to the official American Suboxone Prescribing Information, “SUBOXONE sublingual film is indicated for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence. Prescription use of this product is limited under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act.”

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Parents, talk to your kids about health risks of heavy marijuana use

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How Can I Overcome My Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by NaeePleasee: How can I overcome my prescription drug addiction?
Hi, i’ve been addicted to drugs for about 2 years now. Thats because i’ve been deeply depressed. I’m really desperate for help because I have a issue with suicide and cutting once in a while too. Thanks

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Drug Addiction Treatment


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