Suspect Described as Helpful Family Man 'Just Snapped'

Suspect described as helpful family man 'just snapped'

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After pleading guilty to three counts of dangerous driving, he was sentenced to one to six months in county prison, ordered to enroll in a substance-abuse treatment program, and assessed $ 1,808 in court costs and fines. From the News Desk. Latest …
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Addiction treatment system implementation moving forward, committee told

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Peter Shumlin approved legislation last year to create a regional system for opioid addiction treatment. On Tuesday, Deputy Health Commissioner Barbara Cimaglio, who oversees the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs, provided the House …


Drug therapy for drug addiction?

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County recovery programs have begun experimenting with more drug therapy for a new wave of younger opiate addicts who are resisting traditional treatments. Arnold's take? “It makes you lazy. We're going to create an army of zombies,” he says. “In my …
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