Rehab? Does This Add Up?

Question by zh: Rehab? Does this add up?
My boyfriend had been on probation for fighting and was told if he violated it, he’d go straight to juvie. Of course, he did, and was sent to juvenile for about a month. From there, they sent him to rehab because of his drug abuse. He entered rehab about 2 or 3 weeks ago. He’s in the Florence Crittenton center in Knoxville, TN. I was also told that he was on DCS probation, states custody?, since he was charged with using a weapon in the fight or whatever the case was.

I know nothing about rehabs and their rules and regulations, so this is all new to me. I only know what his mom tells me, and it’s not usually much helpful info. She told me that he wasn’t allowed to get any calls to anyone except for people on his mailing list which could only be immediate family. His mom, dad, and brother. He only gets visits on wednesdays and sundays. He only gets three calls a week, he has to do good in there in order to earn more.

She told me I was able to write him and that I should because she feels it would be good for him. So, I did. About two weeks later, I decided to call her because she failed to keep her promise to keep me updated on everything that’s going on with him, and she told me that he won’t receive any of the letters until his last day of rehab. She told me that the people there put any mail he gets from non-immediate family in a box for him.

She then began to explain that the reason for them doing that is because they are trying to cut off any ties he had with the outside world so they can reprogram his brain in a way. They want to keep him away from anybody he’s known so he can learn to function in a different way than he has been. I understand that, in a way.

My question is, though, does any of what I said above make any sense to you guys? Do rehabs really do things like that? And does the fact that he’s in state’s custody have a bigger impact on the whole situation and why he can’t really have any visitors?

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Answer by don r
It makes perfect sense. When have you ever tried to break a bad habit and not had one person try to trip you up. For your guy, it’s a matter of life and death. Be patient.

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