New Products, Laws Provoke Change in Drug Education

New products, laws provoke change in drug education

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Neither drug is new — in fact, quite the opposite, but nicotine and marijuana have both recently been assigned new public presentations that makes abuse education more challenging. Nicotine delivery via technology is taking off around the nation with …
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Taylor judge denies bond in infant homicide case

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Moats then asked Smallwood if he wanted to move to Colorado or Washington state, where marijuana use for medical purposes is legal. … The defendant had been jailed since late July after his third failed drug screen, according to statements in court.
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Ethan Nadelmann: We Have Reached The Marijuana Policy Reform 'Tipping Point'

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"[It's] Because of what Colorado and Washington did and what Uruguay is going to do," Nadelmann said, referring to both states' legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012 and Uruguay's expected passage of its own marijuana legalization laws, which …
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