I Need Information on Weather Drug Addiction Is Inherieted or Is It Learned Behavior & the Difference Between?

Question by pookie: I need information on weather drug addiction is inherieted or is it learned behavior & the difference between?
Im doing a study on drug addiction and need to know whether it is inherited or passed down from generation to generation or do you learn to use drugs from family members or peer pressure.

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Answer by zapata
98% of psychology uses intuition to describe,and analyze human behavior,anecdotal evidence might be dna studies,,,inconclusive,,,,societal factors,ditto,,,,,biological factors,such as sensitivity to foods,chemicals as these often bear on topics such as l/d,add/hd,anti social tendencies,if these professions understood drug addiction,they’d have vaccines

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Hear true stories from actual recovering Clearview High School addicts – Save-A-Friend is a community action group with a mission to help families in our community affected by drug addiction. There are many families in our community suffering in shame and silence. We provide not only a monthly support group, but also bring together resources to help prevent drug abuse. Save A Friend Live Your Life Free is our logo. Our tee-shirt campaign has been an affective tool to help the kids not using drugs to make a statement to their peers. We funded this through our generous business community and are continuing to raise funds to spread this to all the area schools and make this a County wide program. Rowan Center for Addiction Studies and Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey provide our educational materials, which are available at each support group meeting. We will on occasion have speakers who deal with addiction come and educate and share their experiences. Please join us to support, encourage and make a difference in the lives of our children and community. Parents and Students are encouraged to come. We are based in Harrison Township, we hope to create a county wide program. No Clearview administration is present at our meetings. For more information please e-mail Charlotte at [email protected]. We will add you to our e-mail list. To make a tax deductable donation: Tax id#303267718 Mail to: TD Bank 148 N. Main St. www.save-a-friend.com


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