How Does Inpatient Drug Rehab Work?

Question by Janice: How Does Inpatient Drug Rehab Work?
A few questions. Only if you know the answer no guesses please. thank you. this is for somebody that was recently in jail.

Is this in a home that is supervised by a police officer or probation officer?

Is the home both male and female patients?

Is the patient allowed to leave the home whenever they want?

Is it actually effective?

Can the patient have a vehicle and cell phone?

Can the patient have company such as the opposite sex come visit them?

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Answer by Tom L
Do you mean rehab or detox? Not trying to be patronizing, it’s just to clarify – some folks seem to think the two are one and the same. I work as a substance misuse practitioner at a drug and alcohol detox facility in England where we assist people to safely withdraw from substances of abuse. Rehab is a substance free environment where people tend to go to prolong their abstinence after detox through structured living.
At the detox facility- we don’t have any police / probation workers (as people that are there go there voluntarily. We accommodate both male and female patients, and allow people of the opposite sex to visit. All patients are allowed to leave the unit to go shopping etc. whenever they want, though we tend to discourage this during the early stages of withdrawal due to the risk of relapse, severe withdrawal symptoms occurring etc. All patients can have mobile phones, though we would dissuade patients from driving due to the medications utilized for withdrawal being sedating, therefore making driving dangerous (it would also invalidate their insurance).
I don’t know if things are any different over in America but I’d be interested to find out.

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