How Can You Have Someone Committed to a Mental Institution?

Question by Haley J: How can you have someone committed to a mental institution?
My brother is 50 years old and a drug addict. He lives off my 67 year old mother. He has had heart attacks and strokes but continues to do drugs daily. How can I have him committed to a drug treatment center or better yet a mental health institution because he is mental and he has no control over his life or his addictions. I live in Ohio. Serious answers only please.

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Answer by Mark
You need to find out about the mental health code in Ohio (I live in Michigan).

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6 Responses to How Can You Have Someone Committed to a Mental Institution?

  • april showers says:

    Sorry but you cant.You could get a lawyer an try to get a guardianship over him,but that would very difficult to do.Or all addicts would be in rehabs!!

  • Wayne C says:

    It sounds like you are not your brothers friend.

    Maybe you should convience your mother to kick him out of the house.

    Once he is gone, you have eliminated your problem.

  • marlie6211 says:

    Unless you can prove he poses an immediate danger to himself (ie suicidal) or to others, you can’t have him committed, in even in those cases, usually only for 72 hours. Unfortunately, there’s no law against these kinds of things. Best of luck.

  • luminous says:

    Call ur magistrate–in some states if u get the magistrate to believe the person u r trying to commit is in danger of harming himself or others they will issue a commitment paper and the police will pick him up and take him to the state mental institution.

  • petrel says:

    I think you would need at least three referrals from psychiatrists to do this.

    Not many people are committed to mental health institutions these days. It is a difficult situation for you.

    Has he ever committed a crime? That may be your only option if he won’t go voluntarily into a drug rehabilitation centre, there probably is not much you can do

  • Giggly Giraffe says:

    Very Heroic thing you’re doing!!!

    You’re not only helping Mom and your brother, but you’re helping society too!!! It seems that many in society are too cowardly to take steps to force someone to mature. Keep in mind you can push, however, it may be many years of pushing. Some will give one little push and walk away if the push failed. You need to find the strenght to push, pull, and hit the goal — “Drug Free”.

    God bless u on u’r journey. Check out this web-site. You should also check with your Chruch. Don’t have a Church … well, with Mom’s health, it would probably do wonders for you all to start visiting God & meeting ppl (healthy ppl) at least weekly.

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