Drug Prevention Poster…ideas?

Question by iLoVe HoRsEs: Drug Prevention poster…ideas?
I am in a drug free club at school and we need to make a poster in order to go to six flags. Some things people have done: crack is wack, Turn your back on drugs, or just simple dont do drugs. Any creative ideas or sayings would help thnx!

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Answer by Moth
As a recovered drug addict and alcoholic I can tell you what not to do. Just say no, is ridiculous – addiction a slow disease and people will try alcohol or drugs and then get hooked over a period of time. Silly phrases will just encourage people to laugh and ignore your efforts.
I would focus on something more frightening like a picture of a crack user that you could get from a drug awareness site with information. No one likes being told what to do from do-gooders who haven’t been there. I say that only as someone who has been in that frame of mind. I applaud your efforts to stay away from substances that can be abused.
Research the sites that promote drug awareness.

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