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Drug Addiction Treatment Center Florida (772) 337-8500


Drug addiction treatment center Florida (772) 337-8500 – Call 772-337-8500 New Life Addiction Treatment Center: Drug Rehab Center. Substance drug abuse, detox, chemical dependency, alcohol addiction help. PSL Port …


10 Year Old Child Struggeling in 2nd Grade. 200 Seizures a Day. NO Diagnosis From Mayo Clinic. Need Answers

Question by Graama41: 10 year old child struggeling in 2nd grade. 200 seizures a day. NO Diagnosis from Mayo Clinic. Need answers
Child seems to be getting worse every day. Absolutely clean MRI of brain. EEG is worse this year than last year however. Extremely tired and worn out 24/7.

Mass Appeal – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Available at Adcare Hospital


Mass Appeal – Alcohol and drug abuse treatment available at Adcare Hospital – Last month was alcohol awareness month, but it’s always important to think about substance abuse. AdCare Hospital has committed itself to helping individuals…


So Amazing – Relapse


So Amazing – Relapse


What Is the Role of Medication in a Drug Treatment Program?

Question by abygail m: What is the role of medication in a drug treatment program?
I’m just curious. I want to know what the patients need methadone (or whatever they use) for.

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The Importance of Family to Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery


The Importance of Family to Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery