Drug Addiction- Prescription?

Question by TommyBBaLL: Drug Addiction- prescription?
My brother is addicted to oxy contin and has been for the passed 7 years. He has messed up repeatedly, and always comes up with a new bullshit story to explain to my mother and stepfather. They have known about his addiction for 4-5 years now but they continue to enable his problem. They pay for his rent and bills in order for him to sell oxycontin so he can take it himself. I try to explain to them that they feed his addiction but they neglect to here what I am telling them. Recently they placed him in a rehab facility where he spent all of 3 days. After rehab they bought him a plane ticket to florida to live with my grandparents in a elderly care facility. They schedule him a plane ticket to come back today, but he missed the plane ticket because he left the facility where my grandparents stay to work for someone which translates to me as hes doing it for his need of drugs. What can my parents do to actually help him out with his problem? I understand its my mothers son and she would do anything for him, but doesn’t it come to a time where enough is enough and you realize its time to let him go through trials and tribulations on his own.

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Answer by Jon
I think you should try to get him on the show “intervention” or research programs like that. If you don’t know what it is its where you and all your loved ones tell him the truth. I recommend that you should research it.

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