Does Anyone Know of a Drug Rehab Center in Hazel Green, Alabama?

Question by savannah: Does anyone know of a drug rehab center in Hazel Green, Alabama?
My friend Brian called the other day to inform me that our childhood friend Yvonne is currently staying in a drug rehab center somewhere in Hazel Green, Alabama. If you have a list or anything of all the possible rehabs in that place please inform me because I really need to go there immediately. Yvonne is like a sister to me and I haven’t seen for three years because she lives so far away from me. I have to be there by her side while she’s going through this difficult phase in her life. Please help me. I need to give my friend all the support she needs. Thank you.

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Answer by lindsay
I found this list of rehabs in Hazel Green, Alabama in a website called and I also found a rehab locator in Try visiting them – they might help you. Take care during your trip to Alabama and I hope you find her.

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